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Just as employers expect high-quality work from their employees, you expect that the training resources you pay for will be top notch.  We get that, and we couldn’t agree more.  We put our all into the training materials we provide.  We start with rich, informative content.  As we move through production, we keep a sharp eye on audio and video quality to ensure you’re getting the best educational experience possible.


Our trainers have a deep, life-long passion for technology.  It’s more than just a job to us.  We live and breathe technology, even outside of work.  We do everything we can to let that love and excitement for technology shine through in all of our training products.


Unlike expensive subscription-based training providers, Ayares Tech strives to keep our prices low and gives you the flexibility to select and pay for only the training that is right for you.  Why fuss with over-complicated subscriptions and pay for content you don’t need?  Stick with Ayares Tech and only pay for the content you’ll actually use.

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Whether you’re reaching for that new big career move or you just need to refresh your knowledge in a particular area, you won’t regret the time you spend with our training materials and practice exams.

our story

What Led to the Start of Ayares Tech?

Ryan started Ayares Tech out of a dissatisfaction with existing training offerings.  “I find myself most engaged and excited when the trainer’s enthusiasm and love of technology is clearly evident as they teach the material,” Ryan says.  Other training seems to fall into one of two camps.  There are those instructors who bring energy and excitement to the forefront of everything they do, but they tend to be light on the details.  Then there are the trainers who do go deep with the information they present, but their presentation doesn’t carry that same energy.  Ryan hopes to fill that gap by providing in-depth converage of topics while still presenting in an engaging and energetic manner.

Binary Math for IPv4 Subnetting (Practice Tests)

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IPv4 Subnetting (Practice Tests)

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No aspect of the information technology field ever stands still.  A successful career in IT requires that you never stop learning.

Keep your competitive edge in the industry.  Don’t lose another minute in this fast-paced tech world, start learning now!


Our Team

Get to know our dedicated trainers.

Ryan Ayares

IT Trainer and Consultant

Ryan has worked in the information technology field in some form or another for the past 20 years.  His wide-ranging experience includes but is not limited to networking, disaster recovery, desktop support, VMWare, and Active Directory.  Ryan has spent the past 15 years studying topics related to Cisco’s routing and switching certifications.

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